Month: February 2018


So we had our birds who were favored by our Roos. Our decision to protect them just matched with the time that our best layer decided to molt. It took us a while to figure out that she wasn’t being pecked, she was molting.… Continue Reading “Molting”

Derailed, a bit.

So I got sick, which slowed us down on our no waste plan. But I’m on the mend, a bit, and trying to do easy, yet productive things.

How’d we do?

So… how’d we do on our less wasted food plan?

Ceramics Progress

We’ve started going to MakeICT about twice a week since the beginning of the new year. The husband has done tormach and laser cutter stuff, wood shop and ceramics. I’ve done sewing and ceramics. I’m still not very good at ceramics, but I’m getting… Continue Reading “Ceramics Progress”