Month: January 2018

OK, Regroup.

New Year, Renewed Focus. Got out of some good habits near the end of last year, so we’re going to start strong again. This means, cooking more, working out more, staying more active during the day. I’m going to work closer to 40 hours… Continue Reading “OK, Regroup.”

Finished products!

So I have my finished products… at least my first couple. A little bowl in green, and day markers for the egg skelter in cobalt. We are working on the solution for stamping letters in clay, but we’re getting there.

On Failure…

One of my favorite cliches is that it’s only failure if you don’t learn anything. So I’ve had a LOT of non-failures at ceramics lately.

Allergies. OMG. And a mini adventure.

So part of the reason why I’ve not been blogging (the rest is laziness) is that I’ve been working a lot. I work from home, so I haven’t left the house much. Which, when you’re allergic to your cats, means allergies from hell. So… Continue Reading “Allergies. OMG. And a mini adventure.”