Allergies. OMG. And a mini adventure.

So part of the reason why I’ve not been blogging (the rest is laziness) is that I’ve been working a lot. I work from home, so I haven’t left the house much. Which, when you’re allergic to your cats, means allergies from hell. So I went on a solo adventure today, leaving my beloved to wash the sheets (we let the cat in a few times) while I de-dander.

I loaded up my notebook, and iPad and drove towards Wichita to run some errands.

But, as can happen (SQUIRREL!) I got distracted by the Fried Pies sign, and decided to see where it was. My friend Tara was all excited about it, so I wanted to find it. Not to stop, because I had another destination in mind for lunch, but still. The road took me through a tiny little town called Kechi.

Tiny towns are my Kryptonite.

First, we had the junk shop – Junk in the Trunk, where I obtained a spice rack for a project, a teapot, a present for the Husband, and an egg basket. I was going to get some chairs I loved, but I didn’t love them $75 much.

Next was Karg Art Glass, which is AWESOME!! I didn’t buy anything but it is an amazing shop/studio that has demonstrations on Saturday mornings. So *that’s* going in the adventure box. I got an idea for another adventure that I need to plan, but my mind is working…

Kechi also reminds me of looking for wedding dresses for my sister’s wedding. We went to this odd little dress shop in the basement of a house out on a horse farm in Kechi. I’m not sure whether it was my beloved Mother or favorite sister, or even me, who came up with the name that they missed a golden opportunity on: Bridal and Saddle.

So here I am, and my original destination, eating pho at Pho Cuong, which I shouldn’t pronounce that way, but alas, I’m a 12 year old boy.

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