Month: October 2017

Ugh – Back to the Grind

A few more vacation posts will be trickling out, but I’m back home, and – eeek – at work. It’s cold and rainy – but I have a kitten helping me. Doesn’t everyone sacrifice a desk drawer for the kittens to play in?

The Long Cut (Part One)

We bugged out early from our vacation, and it’s a good thing.

Up Trail Ridge Road (Most of the Way)

Yesterday we went up most of the way across Trail Ridge Road. I got a bit of altitude sickness at Lava Cliffs, so we came back down. But that’s pretty much the highest point, but I realized i was not enjoying myself and that there… Continue Reading “Up Trail Ridge Road (Most of the Way)”

Scenic Drive (an Understatement)

The Denver part of our trip came to an end, and we decided to take the long cut back to the cabin. Four hours, and two snowstorms later, we completed the 65 mile trek.

Afternoon Tea

One of my favorite things is afternoon tea. While in Denver, we decided to go for tea at the Brown Palace. Love.

Great American Beer Festival 

My birthday present was tickets to the GABF. We drink a lot of beer, we brew and we love good food. So we splurged for the paired tickets, which (a) gives you good food options and (b) gets you to a less ridiculously crowded… Continue Reading “Great American Beer Festival¬†“

Fall Color

We’re out here in Colorado for my birthday. Yesterday’s adventure was to Alluvial Fan. If you don’t know the history of Alluvial Fan, let me give you the basic details. In 1982, at the top of the mountain, a lake finally broke through a… Continue Reading “Fall Color”

Only the best in Elk Porn

So we are in Colorado for my birthday. This is the first time in many many years I’ve been out in the fall.  Cannot wait to wander around in RMNP and look at the fall colors. But last night, I’m innocently sleeping away, when… Continue Reading “Only the best in Elk Porn”

3D printer

The husband’s birthday present came on Friday, and he spent yesterday setting it up .