Not So Good, Al

So we did not have a good week as it pertains to spending. Our takeout exceeded our budget by a lot.

Too much eating out (takeout, of course). My suggested budget for the month was more than blown through in a week. But, we don’t always hit our goals. We just have to get back on track, and keep going.

The problem is that I’m out of commission for cooking, which leaves it all on the Husband to cook. And he was having stomach problems which both made it hard to do the work, and hard to get the motivation to do it.

The good news is that we are going to get back to cooking this week – assuming no new armed insurrection to obsess over. I’m closer (for the moment) to being able to do more than fried eggs, and the wake up call should help with motivation. I find out on Tuesday (hopefully) when my next surgery will be, and how long to expect to be out. But until then, I can help out.

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