I love planners. I’ve loved them since I was a teenager coveting the Filofax my sister carried.

From Wikipedia

But planners rarely have exactly what I want.

So I made my own.

Started with a Recollections binder from Michaels.

Then figured out what I wanted.

I want my schedule, priorities, full to-do list, and a place for notes. I’m a fan of My Favorite Murder, and one episode talked about a to-do list and a ta-da list. Things you did that you’re proud of. I liked that so I included that.

The binder has an odd hole-punch placement, so I have to punch individually, but it has what I want. For those days with more meetings, I have a notes page.

Given the size of the notebook, a legal sized page is perfect if you cut it down the middle. The extra notes page is regular paper, and if you’re not OCD like me, wholly unnecessary. Just throw in a blank page and you’re good. But here are links to downloadables.



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