Keeping the farm safe from wasps… and haints.

I hate wasps. I’m not, like, tragically allergic to them, but they hurt like hell and swell up like balloons – but at least I can still breathe.

In any case, growing up I always heard that if you paint your porch ceiling blue, they’ll think it’s the sky and won’t make their nests there.

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Zen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance

One of the unexpected pleasures of yard chickens is that every day, just before sunset, we have to go out and feed and water the chickens, then wait for them to put themselves to bed. Now, we could just do the water and food, go inside and do whatever, then come back after dark, but we have taken to watching the sunset, chatting, watching the fireflies, and just being.

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Chickens In Your Backyard

So I was weeding our once and future berry patch when some very inquisitive chickens happened by.  Meet the chickens.

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In our house, one of the husband’s favorite things is babaganoush. So I made some yesterday, we got some lovely eggplant at the farmers market.

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Yoder Chicken Auction 

So my final fridays are a little different than they used to be. No art walks and wine tastings here. On the last Friday of every month, we go to the Yoder chicken auction. Mennonites to methheads, and everything in between. It’s a trip.

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Driving and Birdies

NO, this isn’t about golf.

Yesterday, after a long day of work (well, three long weeks of work), we decided to go for a drive. No where specific, just go. We live mainly around dirt roads, and the wildflowers are fantastic.

Here we are…. somewhere. Not sure where.
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Art from Maker Faire

We had a lovely weekend at Maker Faire, which means I don’t have any good crafts. We did buy some cool artwork though. Dirty Kids Soap and Design Studio


You can find out where you can find them here.

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Maker Faire Day 1

Day one is under our belt. A good time was had by all. I got ideas for crafts, yelled at by some… thing? And got a henna tattoo.  

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Maker Faire Weekend!

The husband and I are attending our fifth (?) Maker Faire this weekend. If you haven’t heard of Maker Faire, look it up!
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Field of Dreams

We have more lawn than any person needs. I hate lawns. Hey, let’s put non-native, water-intensive plants that we use energy to keep artificially short. Screw that. Maybe… maybe… after we get goats… but only maybe.

So we decided that, other than a fire buffer (and enough room for bocce), we’d turn the front yard into a wildflower meadow.


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