Adventures in Birding

I think we can all agree that I’m a total dork. When I go on my Rocky Mountain National Park vacations, I generally try to take in a ranger-led bird walk. But closer to home, I have a whole shitload of birds in my yard.
I use the Audubon App on my phone/iPad.

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Why am I here?

People who know me (Or have met me once. Or have heard stories about me) wonder how I ended up here. And why am I staying?
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Nobody Here But Us Chickens…

Who are we? Here at the Accidental Homesteader, we have two humans, three cats, and eight chickens.  I’m Kate. There is the husband. We have Cleopatra, an old bitch of a cat. She’s about 11 or so. She just lost her buddy Agamemnon two weeks ago, and is still angry with us. He was 16 or so. But in December, knowing how old Agamemnon was, we adopted a new kitten, Aristaeus. He was 3 months in December, so still a kitten. He loved Agamemnon, and played with him every day. So last week, we got him his own kitten, Demeter. She’s all of 3 months old.

Then there are the chickens. We have two flocks of four birds each.  They live in their coop.


Buffy the Wormslayer

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New to this

Poking around in the program to see what I can do…


and I’m like:


Adventure Box

So one of the things that we like to do here at the Goad Farm is go on adventures. Hop in the car and go do something fun. I’m a planner, but the husband is not. I’m working on it… to a point.
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Accidental Homesteader

Hmm… starting this so I can post some stuff I’m making to Pinterest. I never thought I’d live in rural Kansas, but here I am. Somewhere in Kansas my dorm roommate is amused and doesn’t know why.