Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 2

So I’ve talked about food production – gardening, berry patch, chickens.  As a larger part of our goals of living light on the land and self-sufficiency, we chose to pay a higher price to have our energy come from wind (an option with our electricity). Our eventual goal is to be not off-grid, but maybe grid-adjacent?

To that end, we want to produce more of our our own food. Increase the size of our garden, start growing some wheat and barley. And hops, because we like beer. We have an herb garden for most of our needs. We have the chickens, which produce eggs, and eventually, meat. Next year we are going to add honey, and more chickens. Once we have that settled, then it’s on to goats. We already have sourced local lambs, and have a good butcher for local beef/venison/pork.

The hope is to sell the excess of our bounty and use that money to purchase groceries we cannot make ourselves.

Once we have money under control, we will start adding renewable energy to further decrease our footprint.

Farm to Table (with a pass through the kitchen)

Friday night we had a lovely dinner at Elderslie Farm

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Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 1.

I’m just a girl. Sitting here. Watching my chickens forage in my yard while I eat breakfast on my porch.
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We Don’t Need No Stinkng Sodastream!

We were going through a lot of soda and other bottled or canned drinks. I’d been drinking more water, but I missed the fizz. Being nerds, we built our own soda stream.
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Wisconsin Fall

I flew into Wisconsin on Sunday. Last time I was here (in the summer), there was some sort of festival, so when I drove through this little town called Port Washington, there were people ev-ver-y-where. Not really my scene. But I decided to come back, instead of a random adventure. I found a little restaurant, Twisted Willow, on the strength of the Walleye on the menu, but alas, not on the brunch/lunch menu. 

On the other hand, who am I to turn down a burrata salad and french onion soup?  And local beer. You can’t forget the local beer.
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Wisconsin End…

Since I’m working backwards at this point, we will go with the drive/flight home from Wisconsin, instead of the flight/drive to Wisconsin. I telecommute to my job, but four times a year, I go up to be seen, have face to face meetings and generally make friends. Last week was my week. 

It’s always a whirlwind, because I still have to do all of my work, in addition to the face time and such. Thus my lack of homesteading.
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Working Backwards… Adventure Day!

So originally, I was going to recover from a week of travel by staying home and lounging, but I woke up at like 6:30 (dammit), so I went into town with the husband.

He went to a Tormach(?) class at MakeICT, and I ran errands. I ended up at an estate sale, where I purchased a walking stick with a hidden dagger, and almost bought an antique travel trunk, but it was just slightly too rich for my blood. I also came home with a copper tea kettle and some milkweed seeds, as one does.

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Science Friday… on a Saturday¬†

I was lucky enough to be able to go see Science Friday last night. It was really cool. I heart Ira Flatow. A Roomful of Nerds makes me happy.

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Reliable With the Ladies

So we have a new layer, Susan, and another one of our Easter Eggers turned out to be a roo. They are teenaged boys, chasing the girls around. They c an usually get Susan, our layer.

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Exit, Pursued by a Dog

So we had a stray dog around our property two days ago. We chased him off, but alas, poor Shakespeare. He hath cross-ed the road.

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