Brussel Sprouts!

So, my garden was hit and miss this year. Injuries and depression do not make for a great garden.

Certain things, however, did well. Mainly the ones that thrive on neglect. One of which is Brussel sprouts. I planted four plants, and decided to harvest one for Christmas dinner.

Behold the Brussel sprout sword.

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Easy Salted Caramel

I’ve never been good at caramel. I’ve botched it the first time every time I’ve made it. Before now. Not sure if it is attention to detail or a better recipe, but this time it worked out and was fabulous.

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Big Blue Rides Again

So I was perusing the MakeICT message boards and lo!

Old barn wood? Yes. Free? More yes!

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Hello Fresh Take Two

So a few weeks ago I was so tired of having to meal plan, prep, and cook just to waste leftovers. Or worse yet, buy groceries and get takeout anyway. It was bad for health and the wallet.

We did Hello Fresh for a couple of weeks a while back, but it didn’t really fit what we needed. But I thought I’d try again.

I don’t see us staying on it for long, but while our house was a mess and our depression making it hard to motivate ourselves to cook, it has really been great.

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Chicken Sausage and Mushroom Stuffed Acorn Squash

I’m trying to eat healthy and cut carbs. To that end, I am trying for more vegetables in my life. This was my lunch today.

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Oh Well, We Had Fun

We saw that there was a good chance of an aurora sighting possible in our area on Saturday. So we made a date night of it.

Sadly, no aurora, but we had a good time.

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After losing Daisy, we were down to three goats. Three! This shall not stand.

So, off to the chicken auction we go.

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Good Night, Sweet Princess

When we bought Daisy, we knew that she would have a tough life. But she’d have a better one with us than with a real farmer, who doesn’t have time for non-working animals.

A few days ago she stopped making her way around the pasture. She was out in the middle of the field all day. Then, the Husband moved her closer to shelter. The next morning she was in a bad way. So we took her to our vet to end her pain.

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Jewelry Making

When we were in Canada, I bought this bracelet. It was several straps of leather with various charms.

…And it broke before we got home.

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Pimp My Goats

All right… research done for the moment. Let’s get ready to rumble. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to google who had goats for stud and got nowhere. I resort to Facebook groups, where I hit the motherlode.

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