Amuse Bouche – Goat Cheese Edition

So one I made the goat cheese, I had to make something with it. I already had a dinner plan, so what to do? Make an amuse bouche.

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Chicken Auction – Selling

So you’ve heard about the Chicken Auction. We’ve bought a ton of things at these. Held once a month on the last Friday, we like to go as often as we can.

Before, all we’ve done was buy stings. But this time was different.

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Goat Milk

So I found a source for some goat milk nearby. Since we decided not to breed our does, we don’t have milk.

Although, one of our does was filling out enough I had to google “pregnant goats.” It is really obvious when a goat is pregnant, according to these pictures (we are a few months out from exposure)

But note, just pudgy. Which is okay, since she was skinny when we bought her. So anyway…

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Renaissance Cafe

On Friday night we went to this totally fancy restaurant in the middle of fing nowhere.

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Eagle Days

So a few weeks ago we went on a quick trip to look at eagles at Milford Lake State Park. Ordinarily they have an event called Eagle Days, but it was canceled due to COVID.

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Christmas Presents

So, I didn’t post before, but my Christmas presents this year were kinda cool. One of the things that I like to do is pick some craft, or product, or something.

So this year I had two maker spaces to choose from.

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Goat Roll Call

We now have four goats. They are sooooo much fun. They have a goat shed, but prefer to sleep in the chicken run.

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Sugar Scrub

So I was looking through a Willow and Sage magazine, and came across this recipe for a sugar scrub.

It’s been almost two years since I’ve had a pedicure, so my heels are cracked as all get out. I’ll spare you the pics.

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Crock Pot Posse

I have a variety of crafts that I do with my wax. I am fundamentally opposed to making things harder on myself, so every time I’m in a thrift store, I buy all of the crock pots. I’ve collected myself quite a posse of crock pots.

Yes, one big one, one medium sized, and three small. Reason being, each craft has a different collection of ingredients in them.

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Brussel Sprouts!

So, my garden was hit and miss this year. Injuries and depression do not make for a great garden.

Certain things, however, did well. Mainly the ones that thrive on neglect. One of which is Brussel sprouts. I planted four plants, and decided to harvest one for Christmas dinner.

Behold the Brussel sprout sword.

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