Our First Farmers Market

So we did a thing.

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It’s Been a While

*Sigh* It’s been a while. Between work, physical therapy, and the baby goat, I’ve been swamped. But I’ve got a few things for this week coming up.

We will have goat content, farmers market content, and some crafting. For now, we have Daisy.

She is so stinking cute, no?

Hooray Vaccines

We are finally two weeks past our second vaccine. And boy did we take advantage!

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Sooo… We Lost Our Cool at the Chicken Auction

We are suckers. There was a little goat who had a bad leg. She was cute and made little happy goat sounds.

So now we have a goat. He name is Oopsy Daisy, because that’s what I said when I put her in her cage and she promptly fell down.

I think I hit peak Cottage Core last night when we brought her home. I was in a handmade Dottie Angel calico dress and work boots, bottle feeding a baby goat in our chicken yard.

…exactly what I expected when I went to law school. Or what the Husband expected when he got his PhD, and was looking seriously at post docs in Paris.

Meeting Lou for the first time.

Being fed. Once we figured out what we were doing.

Now we are Goad’s Goat Farm!

The Talented Husband

The husband took some pictures of our bees. He’s better than I am.

Bees Are Buzzing

Fed the bees today. They made it through the cold snap.

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This Little Piggy Went to Market

Well, we made a decision to try to sell our wares at the farmers’ market. We don’t want to commit to every week, but we have sufficient excess that we can try to sell.

The first thing we had to do was get a sales tax number, which meant a federal employer identification number. It’s a whole lot easier to do this now that you can do it online. Weird ply, you can’t over the weekend, which makes me visualize a dude at the end of some Rube Goldberg machine typing in a number.

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More Beekeeping at Night

No pictures yet, but we had another patented Goad Farm project at night/trying to beat a storm/locusts/frogs etc.

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Bees and Apple Trees

Our apple trees are in bloom and the bees are loving it!

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Chicken Time

Yesterday was a blowy, rainy, yucky day. But it warmed up and cleared up in the evening. We had a busy day indoors, so it was nice to go and sit with the chickens.

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