Misfits Market-Part 2

So today I could build my box. I was planning on doing it right at 3, when I could start doing it, but that didn’t happen. So by 6:30 the selection was okay. Note to self, do this at 3 next time.

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Misfits Market-Part 1

So we are trying a new thing. In the past we’ve done a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). If you’re unfamiliar-it is a subscription for produce from a local farmer.

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Not So Good, Al

So we did not have a good week as it pertains to spending. Our takeout exceeded our budget by a lot.

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Getting Started With Chickens – Housing

You’ve got your chickens, they’re fed and watered and growing. They’re about ready to move to their permanent home. There are a lot of options for you. How fancy you go is entirely up to you.

Our first coop.

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This Week

Ugh, this week. I’m sad, angry, and embarrassed. I was going to write every day, but this week got me down. Our democracy was in peril. Because the worst person in America is president for *checks watch* 11 more days. And he’s brainwashed millions.

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Getting Started With Chickens – New Chicks

Now that you have your new setup, and you have your new chicks, what now?

First of all, I highly recommend getting a nanny cam to watch them, because they are very cute.

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December Financials

I continue to look at finances. December is always going to be expensive. But, when I take out the anomalies – Christmas, annual renewals, tractor repair – I’m within $100 of November actual expenses.

My goal for January remains to cut back on grocery expenses. I’ve been doing well the last two weeks.

We were buying so much prepared foods and expensive stuff that we were over $200 per week for two people. Being very careful, we are down to about $125.

Not bad. It isn’t anything beyond being intentional about what we buy.

Reading Challenge 2021

I read fifty books last year. I’m going to do that again this year. I’ve already finished my first book. Not great, but I struggled through.

Started on 2 and 3. I’m going to try to spread it out a bit this year.

Getting Started With Chickens – Types

There are hundreds of chicken breeds. Everything from basic Leghorns to fancy pants Silkies. For getting started, I’m a fan of basic.

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This Old House

So, yesterday, I’m innocently working downstairs, and it sounds like water is running upstairs or in the kitchen. I limp upstairs to see what is up, and it’s raining in our guest room. Yeah, so that’s not good.

Luckily we live in a small town. We got an HVAC guy to come out right away, well as soon as he drops off his groceries.

The stairway to Our attic. Surprisingly small, apparently. Not that I can get up there right now.

Combined with this, a pipe in the sink in our downstairs bathroom corroded away. That, we think, we can do on our own.

What does this house think it is? 120 years old? Sheesh.