🐓🚨 Chicken News 🚨🐓

We have at least six chickens laying eggs right now! We are back in eggs, and starting to give them to friends and family.

Today was an interesting day in terms of behavior.

Here we have our $2 nesting boxes. A little beat up, but it works we have been encouraging the chickens today here, with the usual success you have when trying to get chickens to behave.

But huzzah! Two chickens in the nesting boxes!

Except one was not there to lay.

Cheater. Possibly there to avoid (a) the rain, and (b) tow very cranky roosters who spent the morning fighting. We gotta get rid of some of these Roos. Either via auction, or failing that…

But they look so bedraggled in the rain. Not quite so majestic.

This has been 🐓🚨 Chicken News 🚨🐓

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